What is Paper Shoot?
It is an eco-friendly, stylish, affordable digital camera with a casing made out of stone paper, with the size of a cassette tape!

Paper Shoot Loves Mother Earth
We use the most eco-friendly paper in the world.

Stone paper uses significantly less energy to produce than wood fiber, generates no effluent to manufacture, recyclable and compostable, and offers exceptional printing, waterproofing and tear resistant qualities.

Paper Shoot also uses non-toxic soy pigments for its design and has Coreopsis seeds embedded within the paper, which allows the user to send the casing back to the earth non-destructively. From this piece of sustainable design, the name “Paper Shoot” was born.

The Unique Photography Experience
Paper Shoot is for those who want to express their personality and for those who love style and design.

Paper Shoot also brings back a sense of surprise and excitement inherent in the traditional method of photography. Shoot spontaneously and enjoy discovering what you have captured on the computer afterwards.

A Child's First Camera
Lightweight, simple, and customizable Paper Shoot is perfect to jumpstart any kid’s creativity. It is ideal for:

  • Arts and crafts projects
  • Make-your-own camera workshops
  • Photography lessons
  • Improvement of fine motor skills with simple machines
  • Family bonding experiences
  • …and just plain fun!

“A DSLR camera the Paper Shoot camera is not, but then again, it need not be one… For once, kids have a digital camera that is lightweight, compact and fun to use.”


A Platform for Humanitarian Programs, Community Engagements, and Exhibits
A simple and straightforward camera, Paper Shoot focuses, more than anything else, on "shooting wonder". This camera is simply an entry-point to a rich and meaningful community-building experience which includes:

  • Outreach photography workshops
  • CSR projects
  • Charitable exhibits
  • Donated sponsored and co-branded cameras 
  • …and much more.

"…I didn’t grow up in a particularly wealthy environment. However, I always told myself that I will change the way things are and make it possible for everyone to have photographs of all their happy memories."

-George Lin, Creator and CEO, Paper Shoot