The Paper Shoot Brand Story

Paper Shoot is a product that came into life from humble beginnings -- through a man with humble beginnings as well. Creator of Paper Shoot, Taiwanese-born George Lin was born not particularly out of a wealthy family, but he had simple visions. He wanted to make it possible for people to become more and more involved with photography, his passion. With his big family, a simple background with memories of using paper to make functional products, and his knowledge of basic electronics, he transformed his childhood dreams into a reality: Paper Shoot.

Paper Shoot was created "so that everyone can capture and keep their very own special memories" in a medium that is personalized, original and trendy with its customizable features. An "approachable" and low-maintenance camera, it also has it's eco-friendly credentials.

All of this creates a dynamic and unabashed enthusiasm for heart and life that sets Paper Shoot apart from its competitors. It is a well-rounded product that seeks to promote good things: creativity, imagination, functionality, simplicity and style. It gives value not in taking pictures for pictures' sake, but on the creative experience and humanizing effects of photography and documenting life. 

"My first step to change the world is to create digital Paper Shoot cameras. A good camera must be able to capture all the happy moments in life."

- George Lin, Creator, Paper Shoot